Friday, August 27, 2010



crafty. creative. very sweet statue.

I feel a very wearable collection. Elevator music? not so much.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fruit and Yogurt

these past couple weeks have been quite interesting. well mainly the week of April 11-18. so many events took place that my mind did not have time to think about my laptop that i lost on Wednesday the 14th. YES I LOST MY LAPTOP! Like most of my friends, you're probably wondering how can you lose a laptop? I'll tell you how. You're in class taking notes then class ends and you put your charger away in your bag then someone starts talking to you in person while on the other hand you have 2 other people calling you and 4+ text messages where other friends are asking various questions. So due to the distractions and ADD you may forget to put your laptop away which you shut the screen so its not really in you vision anymore.
However, my professor begs to differ. he believes that i actually have dropped it somewhere,possibly the bathroom he says. But i dont understand how i can drop a laptop and not hear it drop? im not sure what happened to it, but it is gone. and i have been computerless for nearly two weeks now. i always thought if my computer ever went missing, i would panic and go crazy screaming crying etc...but that was not the case.because 1) i had concerts to attend to. LUPE FIASCO on the14th (same day i lost my lappy) and DRAKE the next day - 15th. and 2) workgymwork and 3) my friend's wedding was on Sunday the 18th. so basically my mind and body was to occupied to stress. Mind you though every night when id come home from wherever i was, i would feel very lost and confused, then i'd just fall asleep.

The worst part is that, everything i do in school resides around my computer. I do not have bookwork or book studying, it is pretty much all papers and notes and photoshop and etc i have been feeling suffocated because i havnt been able to get any work done. Sunday night the 18th, is really when i felt very overwhelmed and vulnerable, at my breaking point. I did not know what to do because i had a few things due for classes the following day that i could not get done. Matter fact i only turned in 1 out of 3 assignments because i just did not have enough time in school to do them(more computer based work). Thankfully, Allah has blessed me with a wonderful brother from another mother, who let me borrow his computer for the rest of the week, because otherwise i would not be able to do my finals. I love RoBro so much, he always has my back.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

The only thing i want to say about the concerts is that they were AWESOME! my fav tho,was def LUPE. mannnnn he tore it doowwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. love him. plus i was like only a feet away from him! soo intense. ok so maybe that was more than one thing i said about the concerts. =)
oh and i almost forgot, i was called like literally a few hours before my friends wedding to do the photography on the womens side. i wanted to say 'no i want to enjoy the wedding', but i couldnt because that wouldve been so mean. i know if it came down to that point for me and i had to ask a friend and they turned me down id be so upset. but not even that, i didnt mind it really. it was fun even though i was hooting then put the camera down then dancing then shooting lol. i havnt had a chance to look at the images though bc NO COMPUTER! =((( i need to get to editing them asap.

I must say the most amazing thing for me the past couple weeks is the GYM. man do i love getting a good workout. nothing can beat that feeling. Ive been going with my bestfriend Didi and working her out. man she hates me for it but she'll thank me later lol. im starting to tone up again slowly but surely. I have changed up my entire diet. I feel so much healthier. My diet consists of - sushi, grilled chicken breasts,salads, wheat/grains cereal, yogurt, fruits&veggies, and rice. I have stopped dessert cold turkey! and that is my alltime favorite food.My cheat day is wednesday, but i might be switching that day but for now it is wednedays. i love living a healthier lifestyle.

So school is over. just have one final monday (tom) and a paper to turn in wednesday. and the best part about this week isnt that school is over, it is actually the fact that MY MOTHER IS COMING HOMEE!!!!!!!! WWOOOOOOO!!!!! man do i miss her. cant wait to see her little cuteself and all thegoodies she got me haha ;)

i will leave you now with my new fav snack- Vanilla Yogurt topped with fresh Pineapple. Cost efficient, healthy, and absolutely DELIC!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Not A Very Happy Post

i dont know how to communicate with you. i dont know how much clearer i can say things to you. Why do you have to bring me down with you? Who am i suppose to turn to? If you dont understand me, who that really matters will? i find it getting harder and harder to talk to you, to listen to you, to respect you, and yet theres not really a way i can disown you. You think youre suffering alone. Life isnt fair. You have responsibilities. Just as i have responsibilities. We must all do our parts. Why cant you think rationally? Why do you keep bringing burdens upon yourself ...along with others? Our life styles are different. but not really. If you really listened to your heart and soul and mind, you wouldnt be such a mess. Why must you listen to others? others who really arent phased about your well being nor have the proper education or credible knowledge to assist you. i wish i could ask you these things. i wish we could be closer. i wish we never fell apart. i wish you adapted well to change. i wish you didnt do and say somethings that you do. to me, you are pathetic, lazy, weak. you complain, whine, and aggravate. you dont listen. you are closed minded. you have a filthy mouth and you are in denial. you are filled with too much nonsense and not enough common sense.

nights like this when i stand totally and completely hurts. i cant just talk to anyone. The ones i should be (or want to be) talking to ...ARE my problems. why? because i realize they ALL have communication problems. how is it a person like me has people like them as my closest people? complete opposites on that end (communication). maybe thats why its my major. lol yet its probably the most important thing to me personally. having good communication skills and a positive attitude.

It's a quarter after 1 and i need you now...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


im at work on a tuesday and i dont usually work weekdays on school weeks. it feels a bit awkward. cometo think of it i dont work tuesdays EVER, that day is almost always my off day.

i had "halal" pizza today before work. i remember wheni first found out about "halal' pizza, i was so amazed yet confused, like how can pizza be halal? its only cheese and maybe some veggies if you dont/cant eat pepperoni. but anyway it was yummy, of course ate it with a little ranch.

i cant believe one of my professors made us takea quiz for plagerism, i mean i know itsimportant and etc but that is SO gradeschoolish! come on now prof. this is a 400 level course jeezz.

this keyboard has an issue with the spacebar. n i dont feel like going back and fixing the spaces i missed.

one more hour and im off yippy!

i saved a hundred dollars to give to mommy when she leaves thursday. i think i'll give it to her tomorrow night. i didnt want her to spend it or give it to her son so i waited. i hope she appreciates it. bc sometimes,well a lot of times if i give them money , and it isnt appreciated, instead over looked or not enough or suddenly it becomes my duty or you know one thing or another.....

i wonder what mom cooked, i'm hungry.

i need to book my ticket to arizona, well inshAllah i really want to anyway.

k bye .

Thursday, January 7, 2010


i loved not working this whole week. i dont want to go to work tomorrow, but im blessed to have a job.
i made my little bangle holder thing. i need to take a pic of it and post it.
which reminds me.. my camera had a seizure. well is still having one if i turn it on. for some reason wen i turn it on he starts to shake and vibrate. i panicked. i called sony and they basically told me to check my warranty with best buy and i did and thank gooodness they can pull it up in the system without the hard copy of the warranty bc then i would be screwed. so thankfully i bought the two yr warranty and iA they will fix it. wish i had a warranty on my previous camera. gosh i loved it so. i might still get it fixed one day who knows.

and shuvo tattoos are haram.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Thel means oil in my language (bangla).
i put hair oil on my hair for tonight to nourish it and all that good stuff. it's like foreign stuff, so it should work. i usually do it once a month, well i try to anyway.

so im thinking about doing a diy project tomorrow. making my own bangle/bracelet holder thingy! its really simple and easy (as all diy projects should be). i plan on waking up by 11am then heading to home depot and grabbing what i need. i really need to organize my dressing table. i bought a tray thing today to hold my brushes and and little things. it's a start.

Didi just said gjohnny will come by tomorrow and us three are gonna watch 500 days of summer. idk what time though.

i love brushing my teeth. i do a pre-rinse with one mouthwash, then brush, then post rinse with another mouthwash. i am SUCH a dork. ha!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Quidam means an unknown person.

i'm trying to figure out how to put a symbol by my username. eh i dont want it anymore.

i have to go get my oil changed at noon tomorrow(today).

i need to order a case for my phone. i think i found one. waiting on a reply from the seller.

i wonder if its possible to pimp this blog like it was possible on xanga.

i think im stuck on xanga. although i do like the simpleness of this blog.

so hot. opening the window again even thought the heat is blasting.


who remembers xanga? well that was my first blogging experience. and i loved it. but then facebook came along. then twitter. and now im back to blogging?

i dont think i'm done setting this up yet though.

hold brb.