Tuesday, January 12, 2010


im at work on a tuesday and i dont usually work weekdays on school weeks. it feels a bit awkward. cometo think of it i dont work tuesdays EVER, that day is almost always my off day.

i had "halal" pizza today before work. i remember wheni first found out about "halal' pizza, i was so amazed yet confused, like how can pizza be halal? its only cheese and maybe some veggies if you dont/cant eat pepperoni. but anyway it was yummy, of course ate it with a little ranch.

i cant believe one of my professors made us takea quiz for plagerism, i mean i know itsimportant and etc but that is SO gradeschoolish! come on now prof. this is a 400 level course jeezz.

this keyboard has an issue with the spacebar. n i dont feel like going back and fixing the spaces i missed.

one more hour and im off yippy!

i saved a hundred dollars to give to mommy when she leaves thursday. i think i'll give it to her tomorrow night. i didnt want her to spend it or give it to her son so i waited. i hope she appreciates it. bc sometimes,well a lot of times if i give them money , and it isnt appreciated, instead over looked or not enough or suddenly it becomes my duty or you know one thing or another.....

i wonder what mom cooked, i'm hungry.

i need to book my ticket to arizona, well inshAllah i really want to anyway.

k bye .

Thursday, January 7, 2010


i loved not working this whole week. i dont want to go to work tomorrow, but im blessed to have a job.
i made my little bangle holder thing. i need to take a pic of it and post it.
which reminds me.. my camera had a seizure. well is still having one if i turn it on. for some reason wen i turn it on he starts to shake and vibrate. i panicked. i called sony and they basically told me to check my warranty with best buy and i did and thank gooodness they can pull it up in the system without the hard copy of the warranty bc then i would be screwed. so thankfully i bought the two yr warranty and iA they will fix it. wish i had a warranty on my previous camera. gosh i loved it so. i might still get it fixed one day who knows.

and shuvo tattoos are haram.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Thel means oil in my language (bangla).
i put hair oil on my hair for tonight to nourish it and all that good stuff. it's like foreign stuff, so it should work. i usually do it once a month, well i try to anyway.

so im thinking about doing a diy project tomorrow. making my own bangle/bracelet holder thingy! its really simple and easy (as all diy projects should be). i plan on waking up by 11am then heading to home depot and grabbing what i need. i really need to organize my dressing table. i bought a tray thing today to hold my brushes and and little things. it's a start.

Didi just said gjohnny will come by tomorrow and us three are gonna watch 500 days of summer. idk what time though.

i love brushing my teeth. i do a pre-rinse with one mouthwash, then brush, then post rinse with another mouthwash. i am SUCH a dork. ha!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Quidam means an unknown person.

i'm trying to figure out how to put a symbol by my username. eh i dont want it anymore.

i have to go get my oil changed at noon tomorrow(today).

i need to order a case for my phone. i think i found one. waiting on a reply from the seller.

i wonder if its possible to pimp this blog like it was possible on xanga.

i think im stuck on xanga. although i do like the simpleness of this blog.

so hot. opening the window again even thought the heat is blasting.


who remembers xanga? well that was my first blogging experience. and i loved it. but then facebook came along. then twitter. and now im back to blogging?

i dont think i'm done setting this up yet though.

hold brb.