Monday, January 4, 2010


Thel means oil in my language (bangla).
i put hair oil on my hair for tonight to nourish it and all that good stuff. it's like foreign stuff, so it should work. i usually do it once a month, well i try to anyway.

so im thinking about doing a diy project tomorrow. making my own bangle/bracelet holder thingy! its really simple and easy (as all diy projects should be). i plan on waking up by 11am then heading to home depot and grabbing what i need. i really need to organize my dressing table. i bought a tray thing today to hold my brushes and and little things. it's a start.

Didi just said gjohnny will come by tomorrow and us three are gonna watch 500 days of summer. idk what time though.

i love brushing my teeth. i do a pre-rinse with one mouthwash, then brush, then post rinse with another mouthwash. i am SUCH a dork. ha!


  1. cant wait to look like beckham/jay sean so i can rub thel on myself and take pics for my blog

  2. I remember when I was younger, my mother used to douse my hair in thel. I need to get back to nourishing it once a week with behsehleen hair toneek, obv said in bengali accent.