Sunday, April 3, 2011

All bruised up.

I've been writing blog posts on my online class blog for a couple months now, but it's no fun. Because I'm forced to read other stuff people were forced to write. no fun at all.

i just read a friends blog and it sort of pushed me to sign in here. not to mention i have a lot on my mind. not that I'm going to talk about it all.

First off i just had such an amazing weekend after so damn long. Seriously love everyone in my life right now and the places they hold in my heart and mind. Lupe concert was awesome. He is so wonderful <3

Within the last few months I've lost (not by death but other circumstances) two of the most significant people in my life thus far. my best friends, one my choice, the other, a truly pathetic and sad situation. I have no regrets though. I built up enough strength and courage to let these people go on their way. Sadly for them, they didn't realize what they had until they lost it. It is always just a little too late. what can you do after trying you're best? you live you learn. khalas.

I'll mention one more thing. I do not like people asking me about my relationship status, whether i am single or with someone. The only people who i don't mind asking me are people who are on that level of friendship with me. Not even just acquaintances or casual mutual friends. One of the reasons i do not like discussing this is because whether i say yes or no to the question "are you single?" no one believes me. i don't really care though. Along with that, i just don't see why you would care whether I'm single or not. Its not your business, and clearly I'm not interested in you knowing that status either, so please kill your curiosity kitty.

Live and let live beautiful people. Relax. Enjoy. Appreciate.

i leave you with some epic bruises from an epic night. well worth it haha.